Top 10 Ways to Sell Used Furniture Fast Locally and Online

31 May , 2017 News

Top 10 Ways to Sell Used Furniture Fast Locally and Online

Selling your well-preserved furniture through marketplace, auction and classified websites is becoming quite popular recently. Some local places won’t give you the right price for your particular piece of furniture. These companies focus on their own particular profits and would leave you with merely pennies. Therefore it is important for you to understand how you would sell your couch on your own.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a site similar to Craiglist for furniture listing for delivery to buyers all across the worlds. There are numerous options available to facilitate your transaction of funds as well.


AptDeco crew takes care of the delivery of the furniture while it takes 16% of the total cut of the piece sold. After listing, a buyer may show interest and you’ll have 24 hours to respond hence AptDeco claims that would take less than 10 days to sell.


At Bonanza, there is a full Home and Garden section where you can list your furniture. Bonanza is integrated with Google hence people searching furniture through google search can easily find your listing.


Being the most popular website to sell furniture, Chairish enlists it as “unique and vintage”. You can get up to 80% of your asking price while you can also set a reserve for your item that it doesn’t sell below that price.


You can create your own shop and list your particular items on this site. With the geographic feature turned on, you can find a local buyer through this particular site.


The site basically sells its own partner designs and furniture however it has a massive Facebook group where you can post for free and sell your furniture.

Route 66 Furniture

The online furniture consignment shop will pick-up the furniture from you and store at its warehouse. You’ll get 50% of the selling price where Route 66 will hold your furniture for base 60 days.


If you will be having ongoing sales, you could set up your own platform on this website where you can setup the financials, transaction and the marketing tracking of your online shop.


Once you list your furniture here, all the local buyers would be notified about it. It also has a IOS and Android App for ease of usage.


This site takes 40% of the selling price hence taking a bigger chunk from the profit however the team does thorough inspection of the furniture. It’s an online consignment shop and will hold your furniture for at least 6 months.


The website is gaining quite popularity where you can sell your furniture internationally and nationally. However international listings require a certain fee.

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