Two Useful Photo Tips for Selling Your Old Furniture Online

8 Jun , 2017 News

Two Useful Photo Tips for Selling Your Old Furniture Online

Have an old couch lying around your house since you have replaced it with a new one and now you want to sell it off! You are at a loss at how to find the right buyer. Today, there are number of sites that help you sell your furniture but then there is this long wait.  Here are some tips that can help you sell off your furniture in an instant and also help you make money.

  • Take a picture in natural light or decent lightings:

The old piece of furniture that you are willing to sell should be first cleaned up properly, and made to look decent. Even if it requires a touch of paint here and there, it should be done. The final outlook should be neat as well clean. Removing fingerprints or specks of dust helps a lot. The furniture should be wiped clean. Sometimes, the covers of cushions or sofas are torn and if you are really looking to sell it at decent price, have the cover replaced with a new one.

 Once you have a squeaky-clean piece of furniture all you need to do is bring it out side in the natural light. If you think you can do it inside your home make sure that the lightings are decent. This will help you photograph the piece of furniture with its natural colors. You can create a significant impact by placing the piece of furniture in context of the house’s setting. This will help in creating the right impression.

  • Show the right size of the furniture:

When you are looking to sell your furniture, it is important that you should give the right dimensions. The best way to give the right dimensions is to measure your furniture from each angle. This will help the buyer get an exact idea about the furniture and he can make an informed buying decision. It is advisable to take the photos from each angle of the furniture, so that the buyer can have an exact look of the furniture. Disclosing any kind of flaw in the furniture is also advisable so that the buyer knows what they are buying and have no issues after buying the piece of furniture. In many cases sellers hide small issues with the furniture, but this ends up in bad reputation or a refund and you are back to square one. Being honest can help sell in the right price.

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